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"Thank you for this course It's well structured and contains very useful information for my certification preparation."

"seriously awesome, one o the best ever parts I have missed in my resume"

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" This course was a great match for my aspirations and upcoming internship. The instructor covers a lot of material in a quick, yet detailed manner. The course closely matches the ASTQB syllabus. I do wish that this course implemented more section quiz questions and exam answer logic."

" it is very interesting. i like it. it is so useful for me in my carrier."

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"I have been training 30000+ students worldwide across 151+ countries in online training programs. I help professionals to boost their salaries and get new job opportunities through my engineering courses" -Narayanan Palani, Instructor

Author of Best Selling Book Series

'Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed' a best seller book series (Part1, Part2 from Educreation, Part3 from Momentum Press and Part4 from Routledge CRC Press) written by Narayanan Palani and helping engineers across the world with automation test frameworks.

European Software Testing Awards - Best Test Manager of the Year 2019

(Title Winner)

Awarded to the most outstanding test manager or team leader over the last 12 months.

Judges shortlist candidates based on:

  • Excellent people management and communication skills
  • Evidence of achieving project aims and targets through effective leadership
  • Proof of commitment to the wider testing and QA community
  • Examples of procedures put in place to ensure high quality results
  • Evidence of a commitment to high quality and standards
  • Demonstration of self-evaluation, commitment to self-learning and improvement


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I am originated from Tamil speaking community which routes back to 5000+ years of heritage and span across 205 countries from east to west; I born in a city called 'Karur' where Creator of Universe(Brahma) began the work of creation as per hindu mythology; As a famous Tamil quote say 'யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்' (meaning: All citizens in universe are our relations/friends), my mission is to help the community which helps us to survive. I learnt 🐢'திரை கடலோடியும் திரவியம் தேடு' (meaning: travel across sea to look for your excellence in art) during school days and experimenting my excellence by training/leading software engineers; During 2019/20, I have trained 34000+ engineers across 158 countries through my online class rooms.

Narayanan Palani

ISTQB Foundations Certified

Narayanan Palani

ISTQB Test Automation Engineering Certified

Narayanan Palani

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Certified

Narayanan Palani

Selenium Certified

Narayanan Palani

ASTQB Mobile Testing Certified

Narayanan Palani

Leading SAFe Certified