What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility means that web pages are developed and tested with special tools so that people with disabilities can use them.

This professional course has been carefully constructed by handpicking best practices on implementing web components and getting them tested across various accessibility tools


Web Accessibility Mastery is aimed at people who have minim development or testing experience in their careers and wish to develop further their expertise in web development and testing as Tech Leads. The modules offered at this course are ranging unique sessions across development techniques and testing tool implementations.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify web accessibility issues in code
  • Analyze accessibility violations through tools such as WAVE, AxeDevTools
  • Experiment user behavior using screen readers such as NVDA, Zooming tools such as Magnifier.
  • Understand automating the accessibility violation verification through cypress-axe
  • Design manual accessibility tests with the help from wide range of tests provided in this program
  • Explain the need of web accessibility needs and issues to business teams
  • Classify defects and issues to fix and help customers with better accessibility
Business Outcomes
  • Contribute to the development of a plan to prevent accessibility issues.
  • Evaluate tools and technology to enable shift left accessibility testing
  • Create an approach and methodology to improve web accessibility findings
  • Design and develop accessibility test coverage
  • Enable the transition of testing by including WCAG guidelines while testing websites.
  • Create automated test to check accessibility violations
  • Manage and optimize testing to identify accessibility defects early in the life cycle


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  User Personas
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  Accessibility Tools Demo
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  Web Accessibility Development Best Practices
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  Web Accessibility Testing Best Practices
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  Techniques to Design Accessibility Test Cases
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  Accessibility Test Automation
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  Keynote Series
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13+ Years of QA Experience with at least 3+ Years of Web Accessibility Experience

Narayanan's web development and testing experience using accessibility guidelines such as WCAG and Section 508 (of USA) are provided as insights to implement Accessibility (Manual/Automation) Test using JAWS,NVDA,Pa11y,Axe to bring accessibility defects early in the life cycle.

Keynote Session on Accessibility Best Practices

Software developers,QEs across 100+ different organizations were learning about latest web accessibility best practices in National Software Testing Conference-UK during 2021

Keynote on QA Financial Forum, London

Latest session conducted at Hilton Canary Wharf

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The Web Accessibility Project-Latest Book

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