" This course helped me to clarify very important concepts about automation testing. I could find great explanations about automation architecture by practical examples using different tools and describing their behaviour."

Selenium using Java Programming

This section covers following topics using 21 Live Testing Projects:

  • Selenium Webdriver based Automation Framework using Java-Design and Development
  • Coding sample project on Web Page Automation
  • Core Automation Data Driven Framework using Excel Sheet based Test Data
  • Capture Screenshot Functions
  • Reusable Automation Components
  • XSLT Reporting
  • TestNG based Automation Execution
  • Excel Sheet based Control over Test Execution
  • Parameter based URL Access
  • Cross Browser Tests using Firefox,Chrome and Internet Explorer

Selenium using Dot Net Programming

This section covers following topics:

  • Automated Acceptance Testing using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Specflow based BDD Test Design
  • Gherkin Basics
  • Features
  • Scenarios
  • Steps - Given, When, Then
  • Tags
  • Demo: Applying Tags
  • Demo: Commenting Lines
  • Data Tables in Steps
  • Data-Driven Scenario Outlines
  • Coding The Automation Steps
  • Installing The Required NuGet Packages
  • Step Definition Binding
  • Setting The Default step Definition Style
  • Adding New Steps
  • Deleting Steps
  • Running and Debugging Scenarios and step Definitions
  • Sharing step Definitions
  • Parameterization to Promote step Definition Reusability
  • Multiple and String params in A Single step Definition
  • Creating A step Definition with A Data Table
  • Scenario Outline step Definitions
  • Sharing and Maintaining State Between step Definitions
  • Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver .Net framework in Visual Studio
  • Script using Five Live Projects on .Net based Selenium Specflow Automation Framework

Cypress using Javascript

This section covers BDD and TDD way of writing cypressIO tests using latest version 4 or above.

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